Red Light

Part One:

The city lights are so revealing.
He’s not in control and doesn’t care.
He cannot hide the way he’s feeling.
The sleazy street lights render him bare.

Across the street the hot guy’s dealing.
This type of encounter would be rare.
His poison lips are so appealing.
He knows of the risks but will he dare?

Close heat and drugs then leave him reeling.
The dance-floor a palpable nightmare.
Sweat and music are truth concealing.
Out of his depth, he should not be there.

Part Two:

The lie he lives is just like stealing.
Defrauding his wife is so unfair.
He cares for her, yet while he’s kneeling.
He spends his cash and then feels despair.

Needs fulfilled and now on the ceiling.
Convincing himself he was ensnared.
High and drunk he goes on deceiving.
Remaining covert, will he be spared?

Back home and already believing,
It was just a fantasy that flared,
Fear of judgement will stop him leaving.
Again, confession will not be aired.

Part Three:

Society has been misleading.
Its judgement hurt him beyond repair.
His ‘normal’ life is just guilt feeding.
The sense of shame seems too much to bear.

For her forgiveness, he starts pleading.
In shock she can only through him stare.
The pain feels like their hearts are bleeding.
Two rabbits stunned by the headlights glare.

She sees reality receding.
Their life together a broken chair.
Together they begin perceiving,
That they both are victims of this snare.

Part Four:

Is not the judge a higher being?
So why are haters ready to share,
In treating others so demeaning’?
Compassion replaced by hate that tears.

He did not ask to have this needing.
But it has killed the love that was theirs.
With pounding heart and sweat that’s beading.
He wraps the noose and jumps from the stairs.

She says goodbye; compassion breeding.
Their home filled with memories, now wares.
She thinks of what we should be heeding.
Of fake news and haters, just beware.

Part Five:

Once her husband was a child, reading.
A love for life, with plenty of flair.
He then became subject to teasing.
He hid his truth, then died on the stairs.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2020.

2 thoughts on “Red Light

    1. Thank you, Em. It’s an all too common scenario, still today. People trapped in situations due to the judgement, or fear of, by others and by society. Thankfully not a situation I allowed myself to get into and one for which I have huge compassion for all concerned; for there are too many victims in situations such as the one in my poem. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Deano x


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