Parkinsons’ Pernicious Plan

Parkinson’s appears impolitely.
It permeates within a person.
Pervading purposefully inside.
Its pernicious plan is palpable.
It perplexes and pains with aplomb.

This disease is dastardly and dire.
Its duty is to disrupt each day.
Devoutly it demands dopamine.
It desires to demean and destroy.
It diminishes and defeats us.

It affects our family and friends.
We fear the finality of it.
It is a fiendishly fickle foe.
Frequently, it falsely befriends us.
It fights our flaws so we may flounder.

Yet, suffering, we still soldier on.
Seeking some semblance of inner strength.
By showing steel and sardonic wit,
We somehow survive to stave it off.
This sad scene is set to strike again.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2020.

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