Effort Ongoing

Bang, as the dystonia punches me.
Slam, as I cramp in my neck and my arm.
Crunch, at the onset of rigidity.
Ouch, due to symptoms that inflict pain and harm.

Zonk, though narcolepsy happens rarely.
Blink, for insomnia causes dry eyes.
Count, for I can sleep only barely.
Shout, when lucid dreaming makes me arise.

Slurr, despite trying so hard just to speak.
Dab, if mouth’s corner insists it will wet.
Gulp, for dry mouth makes oration so weak.
Push, as words stick at face masking’s onset.

Trudge, as bradykinesia kicks in.
Reel, as ‘wobbly’ is the epithet used.
Still, while the ice sculpture form now sets in.
Crash, but each fall leaves me feeling abused.

Pinch, as each twitch and tremor exhaust me.
Pull, for though weakened, I must still get dressed.
Shake, when sometimes I carry my nice tea.
Brace, for this is not the end of the test.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2021.

From my book ‘A Look Inside. My Parkinson’s Life in Poetry’; under my author name
Dean G. Parsons, at Amazon.

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