Lighten Up

Sometimes things cause me to reminisce
Over the past and the me I miss
Some people say ignorance is bliss
I did not know I could feel like this.

There are mountains to climb in each day
And few directions to find my way
When my symptoms just decide to stay
And the bright sun is replaced by grey.

Sometimes a photo of me before
Takes me back to when I could do more
But now it’s easy to find a flaw
And believe that I am life’s short straw.

Yet no matter how tough life can be
There’s a light that shines eternally
Alight within all humanity
It’s the light that makes us family.

So on days when all you feel is pain
When it seems your efforts are in vain
When Parkinson’s punches you again
Look to the light and forego disdain.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2019.

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