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“Hi, my name is Deano Parsons. I am a dabbling artist; exploring my relationship with art across many genres.

I hope you find my presentations of interest.”

– Deano Parsons

Singing and Parkinson’s Disease.

“I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2017, at age 46 years. I had experienced symptoms since at least my twenties and, I believe, in my teens and childhood. Time has moved on and Parkinson’s has progressed; impacting on my life in so many ways.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s are many but, since 2019, I have experienced a gradual weakening of my voice, increased incidents of choking and speech has generally become something that requires considerable effort.

To address this, I first went to a speech therapist, which helped a lot. Then, in 2020, I decided to try a method of vocal exercise that is commonly used in voice therapy for people with Parkinson’s. This method is singing. Being on lockdown, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, provided me the opportunity to join an online karaoke app and to simply practice singing.

Certainly, I do not have the expertise of a professional singer and I do not have the skills of a speech therapist, but I do know one thing….myself. I know ‘me’ and so I know what difficulty I experience, due to Parkinson’s, and I know what type of practice helps me. So, I have simply started singing and I have noticed considerable change.

I have barely had any experiences of choking, I have gained in vocal strength in speech, my self-confidence has returned considerably and my singing voice is gradually improving (though that is something you are free to disagree with!).

Within this web site, you will find that I have posted many of my singing videos. This is for two reasons. The first, and most important, is to show that if I can give singing a try and make some improvements to my vocal ability, then you can, too. The second is that singing and the creation of the video; which comes from choosing video style templates and considering my presentation, is an art form.

I hope that you enjoy my song choices, my singing videos and, indeed, my singing. I hope you will feel inspired to sing, too, whether or not you are battling a disease or health issue.

Thank you for your interest and do please remember to hit ‘like’ on any of my atrworks, articles or presentations that you enjoy.”

– Deano.