Hope Grows

Determination is desired.  Make a decision.Hope grows. Open up to optimism.  Oust obvious doom.Hope grows.Feel the fortitude from within.  Find your foundation.Hope grows.Antipathy is no asset.  Acceptance is all.Hope grows.Savour the simple, small things.  Be solutions focused.Hope grows. Construct a community … Continue reading Hope Grows

Construct Obstruct

Nothing.  Nascent note-maker’s nemesis.Scant.  Seeking stark symbolism somewhere. Without.  Where words wander while we wonder.Devoid.  Daydream’s dance distances details. Block. Blinding badlands build bold barriers.Absent.  Available art avoiding. Fix.  Finding features for focused forethought.Method.  Mindfully meet missing meaning. Outcome.  Overcome obtuse … Continue reading Construct Obstruct