YouTube Channel

“I’ve started a YouTube channel.
Please come over and subscribe.”
– Deano Parsons.

It’s free and it’s another way to access my creativity. From videos in which I sing, recitals of my own written works and some of my favourite works by others, through to examples of me acting, film art, mini-documentary style videos on a variety of subjects and simple snippets of my day to day life.

There will be interviews and chat with interesting people and videos of me getting out and about to explore. For those of you interested in the subject of Parkinson’s Disease, I will also be adding videos of my life as a person with Parkinson’s.

My You Tube channel will increasingly offer a variety of playlists to keep you entertained and informed. Pop over and subscribe. I look forward to you joining and sharing in my exploration of the creative arts and a few things more.” -Deano Parsons.

Click on this icon, to visit Deano’s fab YouTube channel: